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Unifire to Exhibit Anti-Pirate Water Cannons at Intersec 2016

Unifire to Exhibit Anti-Pirate Water Cannons at Intersec 2016

Unifire to Exhibit Anti-Pirate Water Cannons at Intersec 2016

Unifire AB, a globally renowned Swedish manufacturer of advanced, remote controlled water cannons (aka “robotic nozzles”) for protection against pirate and hijacking attacks, will be exhibiting its latest, cutting-edge anti-pirate water cannon technologies at Intersec 2016 in Dubai, UAE, January 17-19, 2016 at Booth 2-C32.

Intersec is the leading international meeting platform for the Security & Safety industry. Unifire is a leading manufacturer of advanced robotic nozzles for use on ships, yachts, Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV’s) and many other marine vessels for effective, non-lethal protection against attacks from pirates and hijackers, among other applications.

According to company sources, Unifire will also be unveiling its new UniWeb technology, which allows an entire network of anti-pirate water cannons, valves, joysticks, and other peripheral devices on the Unifire TARGA network to be displayed on existing bridge video monitors and securely over any device with a web browser, including off-the-shelf tablets, PC’s, touch-screens, etc.


Unifire will also be exhibiting its robotic nozzle systems for riot control and crowd control applications on police vehicles, as well as its professional firefighting water/foam monitors for firefighting fixed installations, fully automatic fire detection & extinguishing, complex networked systems, protection of oil & gas facilities and tank farms, aircraft hangars, incineration plants, ships, yachts, helicopter landing pads, fire trucks, fire boats, and many more. State-of-the-art electronics enable fully automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems and control over any device, as well as guidance via infrared cameras, flame detectors, radar, CCTV tracking, etc.

Visit Unifire’s Booth 2-C32 to see the world’s newest, most advanced, anti-pirate water cannon technologies.